Announcement - Zero to Production in Rust

The book is now available for pre-orders! Check out!

I have been musing for a while over the idea of writing an end-to-end guide to building a production-ready(ish) API using Rust and its async ecosystem.

I finally decided to put the idea out there on a tweet: (ignore the typos, I beg you)

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive! So, I guess... I have to do it now?

The idea is to write with a mid-level Rust practioner in mind: familiar with the language, probably a couple of toy experiments under their belt, willing to get started on a serious project.
I am planning to cover:

It's a lot of material - it's going to be a marathon, not a sprint.
If you'd like to be notified when an episode comes out, I have finally setup a mailing list for this blog:

I am still undecided on a lot of details - e.g. what web framework should I pick for the whole project, Tide or Actix-web?
The focus will of course be biased by my own experience and the challenges I faced along the way - if you feel strongly about the need to cover a certain area/certain details in an area, feel free to send me a DM on Twitter or shoot me an email, I am happy to have a chat.

See you when the first episode is out!