Hi, I am Luca Palmieri.

I am a Mathematician who has been involved with Machine Learning for the last two years. I am far from being an expert, but I know enough to understand the borders of my knowledge and the huge amount of stuff sitting beyond the limits of my own understanding.

I have always been a kind of social learner - I learn much faster (and better, actually) if I have the possibility to discuss problems and issues I am currently focused on. That’s the main reason behind this new project - my university days are finished and I’d like to use this blog to get in contact and communicate with other people in the field, novice and experts alike.

This is mostly going to be a learning journal: entries will span from paper reviews to technical tutorials, following whatever interest I am pursuing at the moment.


Short Bio:

I’ve joined the industry in June ‘17 and I am currently working at Headstart as a ML & Data Scientist.

My last academic work, my Master Thesis, was focused on solving modelling problems for bio systems using neural networks.